Program Set Up

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Too often organizations that commit to addressing sustainability are quick to begin taking action without a clear objective. In other words, we commonly see “Ready, aim, FIRE!” turn into “Ready, FIRE! … Aim..”

Organizations need new infrastructure to fully exploit the opportunity that sustainability presents.  If we try to pursue sustainability with only the existing capacity – using only the data, systems, and decision-making structures we currently employ, for example, we significantly diminish our ability to use sustainability to strengthen the bottom line.

Program Setup is a one-time effort designed to develop the capacity a sustainability program should embody to ensure the best use is made of the limited resources available.  In helping to realize a program’s potential, this module defines how to build a solid foundation based on three core capacities essential to a highly effective sustainability program.  The importance of the following capacities (and the knowledge needed to develop them) is defined within this module:

  1. Leadership Capacity
  2. Change Management Capacity
  3. Measurement Capacity

Although Program Set Up happens only once – before beginning to take action, the foundational elements that will contribute the capacity needed should be reviewed and enhanced over time as the program’s profile and potential evolves.

Currently viewing:  Refocus Home / Guidebook / Program Set Up